Lesson of the Week: Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt by Rebecca Brower (South Korea ETA)

Easter is coming up, and if you’re looking for a fun way to introduce your elementary school ESL students to this spring holiday, our newest Lesson of the Week, “Easter Egg Hunt” by South Korea ETA Rebecca Brower, may be just for you! Following a brief presentation explaining the holiday, students play a short trivia game to review what they have just learned, and participate in an Easter egg hunt for points. Rebecca includes some information in her presentation about her own family Easter celebrations and Easter candy preferences, so you may want to personalize it as well to make the lesson that much more engaging for your students. You can download Becky’s materials below: 

  1. Presentation File
  2. Trivia Game
  3. Easter Egg Hunt Egg Templates
  4. Easter Egg Hunt Point Cards

Happy Easter, everybody! Remember to check back in next week for one more Lesson of the Week in March!

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