Lesson of the Week: Do You Play Boxing?


Do You Play Boxing? by Robyn Kincaide (South Korea ETA)

One of the most difficult parts of a foreign language is recognizing when there is not a direct translation from one’s native tongue. While it borrows words and syntax from other languages, English has  nuances that can easily trip up those who are not native speakers.

One such nuance is the variety of verbs English speakers use with different sports. Sometimes we “play” a sport, sometimes we “do” it,  and other times we “go”. In order to address this confusion, South Korea ETA Robyn Kincaide created a lesson explaining in what context to use each of these three verbs. After going through the introduction, students play a Connect 4 game in order to practice using them. (The Connect 4 template was modified from a template found on waygook.org.)

This lesson plan incorporates a lot of technology usage, but could easily be taught with no tech as well.

The introduction presentation and Connect 4 game can be downloaded using the links below:

  1. Introduction Presentation
  2. Connect 4 Game
  3. Connect 4 Template

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2 thoughts on “Lesson of the Week: Do You Play Boxing?

  1. Athri Ranganathan

    Hi Robyn! Thank you for sharing this introductory presentation on “play, do, go.” I appreciate the clear and concise examples, and the way you introduce new verbs. I am an ETA in the Czech Republic right now and was looking for lesson ideas on teaching verbs and vocabulary when I found this presentation. I will definitely use it in my classrooms!

    I see that there is a Connect 4 Game as well attached to this presentation. I am not as familiar with that and was wondering if you would mind explaining it. In slide 3 of the powerpoint I am seeing, there seem to be six column categories and three left row categories and three right row categories. Should students write sentences using the column headers and row headers? And will each sentence occupy one box?

    Thank you Robyn. I appreciate it.

    Email- athriranganathan@gmail.com

    1. Robyn Kincaide Post author

      Hi Athri,

      Thanks for your comment! From what you described, I think you understand how to use the Connect 4 game. In order to claim a space for their team, a representative of that team should make a sentence using the word at the top of the column for the subject, then the verb in question (play/do/go), followed by the sport labeling the row. Click once on the square they have chosen, then click again on either the blue or red side in order to to turn it blue/red. The first team to get four squares in their color in a row is the winner!

      I taught at an all-boys middle school, and they got SUPER into strategizing. It was hilarious to watch.

      I hope this is helpful!

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