Lesson of the Week: Comparison


Comparison and Ideal Type by Candy Lee (South Korea ETA)

Valentine’s Day is not too far away, are you feeling the love? Even if you’re not, maybe your students are- or will be soon enough! This week’s featured lesson comes from a second year ETA in South Korea, and helps students practice comparison phrases while talking about ideal types.

The lesson was used in a middle school classroom, and begins by covering different comparison phrases illustrated through concrete examples. Following this portion of the lesson, students play a game where they have to choose one of two celebrities that appear as their “ideal type,” and then must state the reason for their choice using learned phrases.

This is a lesson from South Korea, so the PowerPoint is full of pictures of Korean celebrities to cater to the students’ tastes. For those in other countries, feel free to substitute pictures of icons that your students adore! However, be careful when replacing pictures. There are instructions in the accompanying lesson description for swapping images without disturbing the hyperlinks.

Download the lesson materials using the following links:

  1. PowerPoint
  2. Lesson Description

Hope you have fun with this lesson, and check back next week for another lesson from Indonesia!!

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