Lesson of the Week: Christmas


Christmas Lesson by Kristen O’Brien (South Korea ETA)

This Christmas lesson is focused on elementary students. Although this lesson is aimed towards elementary students, it is possible to adapt it for older students. Teaching students about Christmas, and writing Christmas cards can also be done with secondary students!

This week I’ll also be posting a separate Christmas games post, which is suitable for all ages!

For this lesson, I showed my students a Christmas PPT about Christmas and how it is celebrated in America (at least for my family). After showing the PPT, and teaching them some vocab and some Christmas culture, I plan to do a card making activity. The kids can color and write out Christmas cards to me, or even family or friends.  In my case, I’m allowing my students to choose, but I recommended they write cards to my parents. I told them that if they wrote a Christmas card to my parents, I’d mail them to America (which I will). That got them excited, and motivated them to make their cards look pretty. After that, you could show your students a Christmas movie or Christmas episode from a TV show!



  • Print out the Christmas card templates
  • Colored pencils
  • Crayons
  • Scissors

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