Lesson of the Week: “As (blah blah) as…” Simile Poems Lesson

“As (blah blah) as…” Simile Poems Lesson by Maggie Little (South Korea ETA)

The ability to make comparisons is an important language skill. A lot of English curriculum seems to emphasize things like comparatives and superlatives, but doesn’t really focus on how to talk about things that are the same or similar. That’s why South Korea ETA Maggie Little designed this fun simile poetry lesson to help her students practice using the phrase “…as (adjective) as…” Following a brief introduction to the grammatical concepts, students are asked to create acrostic poems using their names and a wide variety of adjectives. This lesson includes many translations into Korean, but could be easily adapted for students with a variety of native tongues. You can access the materials for Maggie’s lesson below:

  1. Presentation File
  2. Worksheet

That’s all for this week, but remember to keep checking back for more great lessons!

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