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For those of you that have been looking for great tech games to play with your students, I have 5 PPT games that your students will love! I’ve got a lot of these games from waygook, or from other people, and have changed and adjusted the games to suit my students/classes.These games are tried and tested by multiple elementary school teachers, and the students have absolutely loved them. The games can be adjusted for all age levels, but have mainly been used with elementary schoolers and middle schoolers.

Below you will find screenshots of each game, instructions on how to play it, and a template for you to use! The content of these games are easy to change up, making them a perfect platform for all students (textbook or for any needs you may have!) The games are not listed in any particular order.

Happy Gaming everyone~~~

1. Battle Ninja

bn bn2

Battle Ninja is like a modified version of bingo! Have the students draw 5 ninjas randomly, any where on their game board. Make the game boards ahead of time, and change the content by using key sentences or vocabulary from the lesson, this game tests the students’ ability to listen and read. Print out enough game boards for the class and play 10 rounds! When you call out the key words/phrases, the kids draw an “x” in the corresponding box. After 10 rounds, the student with the most ninja’s “alive” wins the game!

Skills: Listening, reading

Download Battle Ninja

2. Pass the Pencil Case

pp pp2

Pass the Pencil Case is a fun variation on the typical “pass the ball” speaking game warm up, and also combines it with the game “hot potato.”  This game can be a quick warm up for several minutes, or you can add several questions and expand it into a full length 10-15 minute game. It’s up to you! You can create simple vocab questions, short role plays/dialogues, or more difficult review questions.

I usually have my students stand up and pass either one of their pencil cases around, or a soft squishy ball. You can have them pass from one student to the next one beside them, or have them throw it across the room. This PPT also includes fun music~ I recommend playing fun and upbeat music to get the kids moving, and passing the pencil case faster!

Skills: Speaking, reading

Download Pass the Pencil Case

3. Mystery Box

mb1 mb2

Mystery Box is a really fun, and simplified twist on a bomb game! The concept of the game is that after you choose a box, you answer a question. After answering the question, you are given a mystery box that can be either good or bad. You choose either to keep, or give away the mystery  box. The contents of the boxes include points, negative points, and even fun games like rock, paper, scissors (a little battle for points). Students really enjoy the “mystery” behind the game!

I have my students play this game in teams. You can make this in any type of game you want! You can test their vocab with pictures, or you can have them answer multiple choice questions. You can even make it into a writing game and have them write their answers on white boards.

Skills: Speaking, reading, listening, writing

Download Mystery Box

4. Trashball

trashball trashball2

Trashball is an excellent game for all levels. You can create any types of questions: spelling questions, reading, writing, translation questions, vocab questions, unscrambling, and even fill-in-the-blank questions. To play the game, you have the students form teams. Each team answers a question in order. If the students get the answer correct, they earn either 1 shot, 2 shots, or 3 shots. The number of shots is the number of chances they have to shoot the “trashball” into the garbage can. Each team can send up a representative to take a shot! I usually use scrap paper I have and roll them into “trashballs” and play with my classroom’s garbage bin or bag.

This game is so great because it’s super flexible. You can adjust questions to your classes’ learning level, and can also make the questions focus on their weaknesses. You can also change up the challenge of shooting the ball! If your students are older, you can also make it more challenging by moving the goal further, using a smaller garbage bin, or by making them shoot from odd angles, or by giving them smaller balls to throw.

You can also get all students involved with this game. Even my low level students that don’t like participating in games wanted to have a chance to throw the trashball!!

Skills: Reading, writing, listening, speaking

Download Trashball

5. Monster Race

monster1 monster2

Monster Race is another fun variation on the bomb game. Students play in teams, and choose a monster character to represent their team. The goal is for their monster to get to the cake first! Each team chooses a number block, and answers the question. If they answer the question correctly, you click on their teams’ monster and they move 1 space closer to the cake. If they answer incorrectly, you don’t move their monster.

Skills: Reading, writing, listening, speaking

Download Monster Race

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