Help establish Fulbridge around the world.

Country Representatives establish Fulbridge in their placement country by acting as a liaison for their ETA cohort. They correspond with their program coordinators, post to their country’s Facebook and email lists, and even give presentations at conferences. By spreading Fulbridge among ETAs within their grant countries, they are an integral part of the project.

This position will enable the candidate to gain leadership experience while also developing skills in diverse areas.

Duties include:
– Outreach and promotion: Promoting Fulbridge within your host country through social media, presentations at conferences, emails, collaboration with your Fulbright Commission, etc.
– Lessons: Gathering lessons from their cohort for the Lesson Database; posting a lesson from your placement country every 1-2 months on our lesson catalog
– Recruitment: Recruiting team members from the ETA cohort (if necessary)
– Teamwork: Participating in team meetings (one per semester)

Interested Country Reps can also:
– Have an idea for how you’d like to use Fulbridge? Want to launch a collaborative project between countries? Country Reps can create and launch new initiatives for the ways that Fulbridge can serve both your host country and global communities.

Ideal candidates will be:
– Self-directed and self-motivated
– Enjoy coming up with new approaches and ideas; creative problem-solvers
– Willing to learn and enjoy working on a team