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Fulbridge lets applicants know what Fulbright life is really like on the ground, enabling them to write more informed applications and better prepare for their grant years

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“During the application process, I really appreciated being able to use Fulbridge. Not only could I see relevant, informative, and exciting information from ETAs already in South Korea, but I also was able to see what service they engaged in. I had a better understanding of how past and current Fulbrighters engage with their host communities, so I could write a more informed application and more nuanced essays. Now as an accepted applicant, I am excited to use Fulbridge’s other features, like the opportunity to share lesson plans and meet other ETAs.”
– Dana Drysdale ’17, University of Notre Dame
2017-18 South Korea ETA


Photo credit: Ryan Kertanis, 2016-17 ETA in Monogolia, Hobart and William Smith Colleges alumnus.

 Recruitment and Outreach
Use ETA Spotlights in general or targeted recruitment communications to get students excited about ETA life. Repost from Fulbridge’s Instagram to your university’s social media pages.
Is your applicant not sure which country to apply to? The map offers up-to-date information about different placement locations, while ETA Spotlights provide insights into life in different host countries.
Crafting Applications
Applicants can get ideas for feasible community engagement projects from the Map, gain inspiration for Personal Statements from the Blog, and better understand the ETA classroom through the Lesson Catalog, enabling them to write more targeted and compelling essays.
Acceptance and Pre-Departure
Put applicants in touch with current grantees when they’re deciding whether to accept or decline, or for country-specific information pre-departure.

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Advisor Resources

Fulbridge’s founder, a former South Korea ETA, went on to work as National Fellowships Coordinator at the University of Notre Dame, where she realized the project’s potential to serve applicants and advisors. Read more about how the project got started.

Photo Credit: Joe Massad, 2016-17 ETA in Bahrain

Feature one of your students on Fulbridge.

Advisor Cheat Sheet
Use this document to get your ideas going on how to use Fulbridge.
Applicant Guide
Share this guide with your applicants to give them ideas on  how they can use Fulbridge during the application process.
Request a Student Feature
Featuring your university’s current ETAs can double as an outreach tool, making Fulbright seem more real and attainable to other applicants at your institution. Have a current ETA you would like to feature for an ETA Spotlight? Request a feature here.
Fulbridge plans to add researchers to the project in 2017-18. Subscribe to receive updates about major additions to the project.


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